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Any member of the public can contact the Commission to make a complaint about a licensee. The complaints can be lodged by whatever method is most convenient to the complainant. These include letters delivered by hand or by post, emails, telephone calls or in person by visiting the Commission’s office.

All complaints received are documented and stored. The necessary information is gathered and this is considered by the Commission’s Monitoring and Complaints Committee. The Committee examines the complaint to determine whether the licensee has breached the terms of their licence or has broken any law. The Committee then makes a recommendation to the full Board of Commissioners for its action.

The decision of the Commission is communicated to the licensee as well as the complainant. While anonymity is maintained throughout the investigation process, we do request contact information, so that complainants can be informed of the results of their complaints

Timeframe for lodging Complaints

  • Complaints about Broadcast Licensees (TV and Radio) must be lodged within 21 days of the broadcast.
  • Complaints about STV Operators (Cable Operators): The Commission recommends that all complaints about STV (Cable) services first be made to the Service Provider. If the response from the Service Provider is unsatisfactory, the matter should then be referred to the Commission.

Complaints Form

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To be an innovative regulator that leads and facilitates the development and advancement of a dynamic electronic communications sector for the benefit of Jamaica.


Our mission is to ensure a successful national transition to a digital economy, using technological innovation to empower, liberate and encourage new forms of business, social, cultural and media development while protecting the people of Jamaica from potential risks including harmful content.


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